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racism, bullying and school teachers


I'm often asked by my friends when we will return to my home country. You see, my wife and I have a child who will be of age to attend school in a few years. I used to say that we would return home in the next couple of years because we don't want him to be subjected to racism and bullying. But as of this year, my main concern isn't racism, but rather the fascist tendencies of many Korean school teachers. This came to my attention when our nephew, a bright young boy who could read and write in English and Korean when he was only 3 years old, told me he wanted a war between Korea and Japan. "All Japanese are bad because Dokdo is our land and they want to steal it", he said. I inquired as to where he had learned such a thing, to which he replied, "My teacher. She said Japan is bad." I proceeded to explain to him the evils of war and propaganda. After a long discussion, he finally came to his senses and said,"My teacher is silly." She is indeed.

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I am Japanese, belong to Japan Defense Agency. Sorry for my poor English. I am tired of hearing this kind of matter conducted by Koreans. Before the WWⅡ, Japanse fishermen did their jobs peacefully on the island called Takeshima(Korean name: Dokdo),gathering delicious shells, Awabi or other marine products. To tell the truth, most Japanese are not concerned with this matter. However, we have a sympathy to the Japanese fishirmen who were deprived of their place of work. After WWⅡ, the Koreans suddenly claimed that the island were theirs. Some Japanese fishermen were shot by the coast guard of Korea. Although I don't know the precise number, some were killed. To my impression, the claim by the Koreans that the island is theirs, is merely a propanganda of Korean government which is often unpopular to the nation. Their policy is to scream 'Dokdo is our island' as a symbol of the anti-Japanese feelings and hide their political failures. The Japanese are exhausted to hear the same phrase 'Dokdo is our territory!!!!!' over and over again.
Please look at these pictures. This is the result of government-lead education. In Japan, no child draw pictures of this kind.
We are tired rather than angy.

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Seeing this site, you will see their lives in south korea. A lot of funny photos will certainly please you, I garantee

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