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Dead of bird flu cremated immediately in China

Girl Dies of Bird Flu in Hunan Province and Is Immediately Cremated
The Mingpao News Oct 30, 2005

According to media in mainland China, He Yin, the girl from Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, who died of bird flu after eating infected poultry, was cremated on the day she died. The local government reported that she died of pneumonia.

The South China Morning Post reported that on the morning of October 17, He Yin, a 12-year old girl from Wantang Village, Shebu Town, Xiangtan County died at the Xiangtan City Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and her body was cremated on the same day.

On October 12, He Yin had a fever after she came home from school. She went to the town’s clinic, where she was put on an IV. She felt better after two bottles of infusion. On the afternoon of October 13, He Yin had a fever again after she came back from school. She was sent to the Xiangtan County Sixth People’s Hospital in the evening. The doctor on duty diagnosed her to have a light tonsil infection, but later on concluded that she had a respiratory tract infection.

At 6:00pm on October 15, He Yin was transferred to the Xiangtan City Maternal and Child Health Hospital. On the morning of October 16, her breathing had become very fast and short. Her family was worried. The doctor said that she was in a critical condition. He Yin passed away on the second day and her body was cremated on the same day.

Officials of the health organizations of Hunan Province declared that the result of the bird flu test that was performed on her was negative and that she died of pneumonia. They did not publish details on the cause of her death.

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