Thursday, October 06, 2005


What does the word ‘KoreKorea’ mean?

Senior journalists noted the cultural taboos surrounding the HIV/AIDS stigma as well as the social and medical safety nets necessary for people living with the virus; who are also confronted with little-understood confidentiality issues. Their discussions also honed in on coverage of 'at risk' groups, including Tuvalu and Kiribati seafarers, Pacific officials traveling to and from regional and international conferences before touching on the 'korekorea' youngsters of Kiribati, who are mainly young girls doing informal sex-work on Korean ships. Momentum on HIV/AIDS has been reached especially recently with the launching of the Pacific regional strategy on HIV/AIDS approved by the Forum leaders last week in Apia, Samoa.
What's the story? Regional media workers talk about gender, equality

Group Wants Child Sex Tourists Punished at Home

The Shame in 'KoreKorea'

Korean fishermen blamed for child sex trade in Kiribati
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