Monday, October 24, 2005


What does it taste like?

Korean eats the Japanese national flag
[Image from YAHOO! Taiwan]

The articles translated automatically by AltaVista Babel Fish.
"The small spring" means Koizumi.

Not completely the small spring does obeisance peace country South Korea people irritably to protest

[ TVBS news ]

Japanese prime minister the small spring(news,website)the pure eldest son goes to Yasukuni Jinjya to pay respect today, the news as soon as spreads, has mood excited South Korea immediately(news)the populace, goes to Japan in your embassy in front of, burns down the Japanese national flag to protest, scene is quite irritable.
Not completely the small spring pays respect to Yasukuni Jinjya the South Korean populace, go to the Japanese embassy to lift up high the playbill, because populace mood quite excited, some people on the scene take the flare to have the small spring portrait the playbill to give burn down, but also some people tear the Japanese national flag in the presence of the everyone, and once has the body conflict with the police, the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs also in the morning first time expression protest, pays respect to the action expression regarding the small spring relentless and is regrettable, South Korea also in just immediately calls for an interview Japan in Ambassador Han, expressed the protest in front of.

Is it Hwabyung?

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