Thursday, October 13, 2005


Suicide in front of PM's office

Self-stabbing in front of powerful person's house is one of the customs coming down in Korea.

Man attempts suicide after being refused meeting with Koizumi

(Kyodo) _ A man attempted to commit suicide in front of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's office in central Tokyo on Thursday after police refused his request for a meeting with the premier, the police said.
The man was taken to a hospital after drinking a white liquid believed to be a pesticide shortly after 3 p.m., but is in stable condition, the police said.

The police are trying to identify the man, who claims he was born in 1952 and hails from Aichi Prefecture.

According to investigations, the man appeared at the north gate of the prime minister's office and residence complex in Chiyoda Ward and asked if he could meet with Koizumi, showing a document addressed to the Japanese leader.

When the police guarding the facility refused, he walked across the street and drank the liquid shouting he was going to kill himself, the police said. Police officers made him vomit and took him to a hospital.

The document was a three-page letter titled "People's Voice" containing assertions concerning North Korea's abduction of Japanese citizens and Koizumi's visits to the war-related Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, the police said.

Woman stabs herself at PM's office
From correspondents in Tokyo
August 30, 2005

A WOMAN carrying leaflets denouncing Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi stabbed herself in the neck and stomach today outside his office as he kicked off his re-election campaign, reports said.

The woman in her 50s drove her car to Mr Koizumi's official residence and when police stopped her, she stabbed herself with a fruit knife, Fuji TV said.

Jiji Press said the woman, who was alone in the car, possessed a number of leaflets denouncing the Koizumi Government. Her name was not disclosed in the media and police would not comment.

News reports said the woman was in critical condition.

Mr Koizumi was away from his office at the time as he was holding a rally for the official start of campaigning for the September 11 general elections.

Mr Koizumi, Japan's longest serving premier in two decades, enjoys a lead in polls leading up to the snap election, in which he has made breaking up the huge post office his signature issue.

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