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Plagiarism by Korean broadcasters

Updated Nov.16,2003 20:41 KST
The Rising Sun of Plagiarism in Korea

Japan's Fuji Television is officially suggesting that both the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) plagiarized one of its popular programs. Fuji TV has taken the rare move of sending both Korean broadcasters written inquiries noting the portions of the shows that allegedly plagiarize its program and demanding written answers, and this is most embarrassing for viewers.
It's nothing new that Korean broadcasters steal things from Japanese television. In the seventies and eighties, when receiving satellite broadcasts was still difficult, you even heard stories of people in Korean television going on "business trips" to Busan so they could watch Japanese television in a place that had better reception.

Even recently, there have been reports lamenting cases of imitation, by viewers groups, civic organizations, and even state-funded research institutes. It would have to be pretty bad for Japanese television networks to ridicule the situation with regular programs about plagiarizing by Korean broadcasters.

[EDITORIALS]Is it plagiarism?

Japan's Fuji TV recently raised the question of plagiarism on certain programs on KBS and SBS. The two major Korean television networks are planning to send a reply, denying any plagiarism. The main point of their defense is that when it comes to entertainment programs, it is likely that different TV networks can come up with similar ideas.
We note that this is the first time that a question of this kind is raised between the broadcasters of the two countries, setting aside the question of plagiarism on specific programs. In the 1970s and 1980s, people on the local broadcasting scene spoke publicly about "going on a business trip to Busan" to copy Japanese TV programs. For the broadcasting staff who grew up in this climate, it is hard to deny that they have become callous to imitating Japanese programming.
People have raised suspicions online that more than 10 local programs of the major TV networks are modeled after foreign programs. The networks are making all sorts of excuses, citing the ambiguous standard over plagiarism of TV programs. But they cannot ignore what their critics say online, such as "It was a total shock . . . It was the same program that I saw in Japan two years ago." When one network's program gains attention, others run similar programs with only a slight twist on the angle. This is today's portrait of broadcasting networks, criticized by viewers.

South Korea is cribbing off many things from foreign countries, what's more, the trouble with Koreans is that they always assume the authors without respect.
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