Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Pictures of executes by shooting

Attention! Please do not see pictures if you have heart problems or you are apt to have a nightmare.

An article about a Chinese continent. (written in Chinese)

Here is the article translated automatically by Google Language Tools.
Makes the one shock executes by shooting the picture (2) (the warning! Terror)
(Abundant news on December 13th, 2004)
Abundant news editor's note: The reader through freely sent the manuscript and the abundant news uploads sends in the series executes by shooting the picture, the content makes the one shock. The abundant news at different times prints. Sends the manuscript not explains the time and the place. Thanks the reader provides the related picture.
States: If the psychology is unable to withstand, please do not have to look below picture. To any consequence, the abundant news does not undertake the responsibility.

(Tomorrow will publish another death penalty violates is executed is executed by shooting after the dead picture)

(Modified on 2004/12/13) (abundant news boxun.com)

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