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Koreans depressed by the anger of Chinese

The great suzerain ! Pardon a pitiful tributary !

Updated Oct.4,2005 20:24 KST

China Starts to See Backlash Against Korea Wave

China is beginning to see a backlash against a Korean pop culture boom there, and parts of the Chinese press and some local stars are decidedly hostile.
During an audit of the Korean Embassy in Beijing, Uri Party lawmaker Chung Eui-yong said while there was nothing wrong with being proud of the Korean boom in China, it was an exaggeration to think Korean soap operas dominated the entire mainland. Korea should take a more modesty attitude in its relations with China, Chung added.

Rep. Kim Boo-kyum from the ruling party pointed to Chinese attempts to curb the spread of the Korean pop culture there, saying that the Chinese government applies strict standards to the import of cultural products with regulations and a set of official “opinions on the introduction of foreign capital into the cultural industry.”

Korean Ambassador to China Kim Ha-jung replied some of Korean culture originally came from China, and many Chinese people criticized Korea’s claim to authorship of it.

Chinese actor Zhang Guoli on Saturday complained the Korean historical soap “Daejanggeum (the Jewel in the Palace),” a runaway success on the mainland, portrayed acupuncture as a Korean invention although it was developed in China. Zhang said the press should give less coverage to Korean stars and more to Chinese performers.

Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan also urged the Chinese media to support Chinese stars so they can compete with Hollywood and the Korean wave, saying all Korean newspapers were promoting Korean stars.

(englishnews@chosun.com )

South Korea is cribbing off many things from foreign countries, what's more, the trouble with Koreans is that they always assume the origins without respect.
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