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Korean vehicle wins praise in UK

The 10 ugliest cars
By David Derbyshire, Consumer Affairs Editor
(Filed: 12/10/2005)

On first catching sight of the new Ssangyong Rodius, a bulbous tank of a people carrier, one critic is said to have sucked his pen, scratched his ear and announced that it resembled John Prescott. On a bad day.

That may have been too harsh even for Mr Prescott. For yesterday, the seven-seater behemoth was named the ugliest vehicle on Britain's roads.

Beating stiff competition from some of the most carelessly designed motors in the world, the Korean vehicle, known to its detractors as the "Odious Rodius", picked up nearly a third of votes in a poll of 1,500 car enthusiasts.

The high ranking of the Rodius, which costs £18,999, is particularly remarkable given that the car was only introduced to Britain this year. In just a few months, its challenging looks have made a big impression.

It has been described by car reviewers as a "surprised hippopotamus", "so ugly it could frighten small children" and so bulky "it makes Bernard Manning look like a matinee idol".

The author of Auto Express's road test commented: "Its unconventional rear is said to resemble the open deck on luxury powerboats, however if the rest of the boat looked like the Rodius we'd scuttle it."

Ssangyong refuses to concede that its car is ugly. The official line is that it "comes with a strong emotional component that will make it a focus of attention". It also comes with a small plastic flower vase for the dashboard.

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