Wednesday, October 12, 2005


How Filipinas are sex-trafficked

Modern-day Comfort Women in Korea

The Korean broker, a certain Mr Tashin, made a different offer this time, different from what was promised in the Philippines. He said that there was no available work in the factory. So instead, they were brought to an American club named Roxy in Ujungbu, and were promised 400 dollars, plus tips from customers. The six were told that they would only be serving drinks, so they were shocked with what they saw: there were many American soldiers in the club who were kissing and holding women.

That same night, the manager told them what they should do and a Korean woman brought them skimpy clothes to wear. Luckily, they were able to persuade the Korean woman and the manager to allow them first to observe, and let them start working the next night. They cried all night, knowing by now that they had been victimised. They next morning, they went around the club and told the guard they were going to take a walk around the club.

Once they got out, they walked to a store where they met a Filipina and informed her about their situation. The Filipina woman then hid them, and brought them to members of KASAMMAKO. The above story is just one of the concrete examples of how Filipinas are sex-trafficked.

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