Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Historical Amnesia

Concocting, distorting, ignoring and overstating; that's urinaraism.

Hillary Clinton Bemoans "Historical Amnesia" in Korea

A newly hawkish U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday chastised South Korea for what she claimed was a fog of “historical amnesia" clouding its relationship with Washington. She said the alliance was at a "critical juncture.”
Sen. Clinton, tipped as a main Democrat contender in the 2008 presidential election, was speaking at a confirmation hearing for Gen. Burwell Bell, the commander-designate of the U.S. Forces Korea. Clinton said the U.S. role in bringing about South Korea’s remarkable economic success since the Korean War was significant, but lack of recognition of that view in Korea bordered on "historical amnesia."

She said changes in the dynamic between the two countries were largely due to South Koreans’ lack of “understanding of the importance of our position there and what we have done over so many decades to provide them the freedom that they have enjoyed to develop the economy that is now providing so many benefits for South Koreans," the senator said. She urged citizens of both countries to acknowledge "what the stakes are."

Bell told the hearing North Korea was continuing to develop ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction that posed a variety of threats to the safety of Northeast Asia and the world. He claimed the threat of North Korean missiles was “close and fatal,” and called for the Korea-U.S. alliance to be in a permanent state of readiness to respond to that threat. He said North Korea’s was the world’s forth largest conventional military. It posed a clear threat to South Korean security and regional stability, he said.

Asked about Korean demands that the U.S. return wartime operational control of Korea’s armed forces, Bell said, "Whatever arrangements are made in the future...the unity of effort to bring military capability to bear would not be compromised in any way, shape or form." He backed U.S. moves toward greater “strategic flexibility” for its forces in the region, saying they must be in a position to respond to contingencies in other parts of the world and ready for prompt deployment.

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