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Go originated in Korea 5,000 years ago

Can it be true?

Korea, Home of Baduk

Pyongyang, September 27 (KCNA) -- Korea is the home of baduk (go). A number of historical books say baduk was created in Kojoson (the ancient Korea) 5,000-4,000 years ago.
According to the historical books "Kudangso" and "Suso", baduk was widely played in the three kingdoms, Koguryo, Paekje and Silla.
The wide introduction of baduk in the three kingdoms founded by the descendants of Kojoson defying the low standard of transport means and cultural exchange implies that it originated in Kojoson.
The word "baduk" is a pure native word of Korea. It has been played as a folk amusement from olden times.
There are in Korea a lot of depictive words related to baduk. They include "baduk nonpan" (baduk board-shaped paddy fields), "baduk muni" (design with black and white spots), "baduki" (white and black spotted dog) and "badukmal" (a horse with black and white speckles).
Also there are anecdotes, proverbs and literary art works based upon baduk. The short story "Yut-game at Manboksa" contained in the collection of stories "Kumosinhwa" by Kim Si Sup and the poem "Singing of Autumn" by Kim Hyo Il in the 15th century refer to baduk. There is the poem "Baduk" by Kim Pyong Yon, a famous poet in the period of the Ri Dynasty.
It is said a master player of the game of baduk was called “Kuksu” and treated preferentially and mater-hands at paduk were selected as envoys to be sent to foreign countries during the Kingdom of Koryo.
All the historical facts prove that baduk originated in Korea in the ancient times and has developed in Korea.
Baduk has been encouraged in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to produce many young baduk prodigies and some of them demonstrated the honor of the nation in world baduk contests.

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North Korea also seems to covet things of others like South Korea.

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