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Closest allies of U.S.

A public opinion poll by Harris Interactive.

The Harris Poll® #70, September 14, 2005
Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Israel and Japan Once Again Top the List of Countries Seen as Our Closest Allies, According to Harris Poll
Almost three-quarters of U.S. adults think Great Britain is a close ally; no other country as close

Every year at this time Harris Interactive® asks a nationwide cross section of U.S. adults how they feel about a list of countries with a scale varying from "close ally" at one end to "unfriendly and is an enemy" at the other. In this year’s survey, Great Britain, Canada and Australia continue to lead the list as the countries perceived to be our closest allies, followed by Israel and Japan.

"Do you feel that Country is a close ally of the U.S. ?"

1 Great Britain 74%
2 Canada 48%
3 Australia 44%
4 Israel 41%
5 Japan 30%
8 South Korea 25%
12 Taiwan 21%
25 China 5%

"Do you feel that Country is not friendly but not an enemy, or is unfriendly and is an enemy of the U.S.?"

1 China 53%
=1 Pakistan 53%
3 France 41%
=3 Colombia 41%
5 Russia 36%
6 South Korea 34%
8 Japan 27%
9 Argentina 25%
=9 Brazil 25%
=9 Taiwan 25%

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