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Call for an end to the U.S.-Korea alliance

A kimchiheaded historian is found.

Historian Steps Up Attack on U.S.

Dongguk University's sociology professor Kang Jeong-koo, who set off controversy when he referred to the Korean War as North Korea's war of unification, is in hot water again for suggesting that South Korea should have been allowed to embrace communism after its emancipation from Japan.
At a debate on the state of the peninsula sponsored by the National Association of Professors for Democratic Society, Kang said U.S. intervention was at odds with the will of the people in the South. "People say that U.S. intervention saved South Korea from becoming communist -- and people say that things turned out well -- but the people of Korea liked communism much more than they liked capitalism,” he said.
He said the U.S. conducted a survey of 8,453 people in 1946, when its army was governing Korea. “And 77 percent backed communism or socialism, while a mere 14 percent supported capitalism," he said. "Whether they wanted communism or anarchy, it would have been proper for [the U.S.] to choose the system of government that the majority of the people of Korea wanted."
He reiterated that the U.S. as an outside power intervened in a “war for unification.” “Without that intervention, the war could have ended in a month and unification would have been accomplished."
He said Korea’s ruling class had been “slaves” of Japan and America for 100 years -- 40 years of Japanese colonization and 60 years of U.S. “neo-colonization”. “They’re now voluntary slaves, and they don't even realize it,” he said.
The academic called for an end to the Korea-U.S. alliance. “But for the Korea-U.S. alliance, key historic issues that faced Korea after liberation from Japan, such as the rounding-up of collaborators and the unification of the country would not have ended in failure," he said. Kang blasted Washington and the U.S. Forces Korea as "the culprit who blocked Korea's path to independence and incited a war that
stole away the Korean people's right to peace."
The Korea-U.S. military alliance “should be abolished and changed into an ordinary friendly cooperative relationship like the ones Korea has with China and Japan,” he added.

He may be a henchman of pig Kim Jong-il.
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