Saturday, October 01, 2005


Asahi does not correct article pigheadedly

Asahi Shimbun does not correct article at all despite the confession of 'dubious' info.

Asahi admits using dubious material in NHK article

The Asahi Shimbun has admitted that an article it ran in January about alleged pressure by Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) politicians on an NHK documentary program contained "uncertain" information.
The article alleged that NHK altered contents of a program about a mock tribunal on wartime sexual slavery after senior LDP politicians Shinzo Abe and Shoichi Nakagawa summoned NHK officials a day before the broadcaster aired the program.
Later, Asahi Shimbun formed an independent panel to determine the accuracy of the article.
Based on the panel's investigations, the newspaper announced on Friday that the article "contained uncertain information, but it did not plan to correct the story."
The panel said that the daily failed to investigate how the LDP politicians summoned NHK officials and that the reporting process was insufficient.
However, most of the panel members concluded that it wasn't necessary for Asahi to correct the article.
Asahi officials said that although this indicated that their decision not to correct the article was appropriate, they would review the way interviews were conducted and methods of reporting.
Asahi Shimbun also announced that it has dismissed the managing editor and the city news section chief of its Tokyo headquarters from their posts as a disciplinary measure over the leakage of in-house documents about the NHK program affair to a monthly magazine.
NHK said that Asahi Shimbun should correct the article.
"Because the contents of the article were not accurate, we have been asking Asahi Shimbun to publish evidence and release interview tapes," an NHK official said. "We are not satisfied with (Asahi's) announcement. We don't give our consent to their decision not to correct the article." (Mainichi)
October 1, 2005

The independent panel was composed of familiar outsiders.

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