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About the junior high school students assault sexualy second birth alcoholic beverage feeding group
Inch'on = union news
Input: 2005.10.14 17:05 07'

About it fed the alcoholic beverage in second birth and it lost it extended and a spirit and and in several times after one group the junior high school students whom it assaults sexualy the pile were bound in police.
Inch'on annual income police a spirit and and about 14 days which stand it fed the alcoholic beverage in second birth and it lost after one the suspicion which assaults sexualy alternately 4 person dusk (in 3 15.) army backs and and and with (punishment and victim protection gadfly of characteristic power of explosion crime legal violation back regarding) it bound person different dusk (15) army backs nonrestraint mouth case 2.

When it follows in police, the Pak army back 4 people which are bound to April middle which passes about the A (in 2) both backs with second birth 3 person match from Inch'on hour annual income and nine while playing, the hard liquor 1 bottle to the A and and ocean a spirit and and and at the neighborhood building roof and and and and a order at scissors rock step they feed they lose after one, they pull they decide and group until back recent times which assaults sexualy all 3 orders extending A ocean group it is a suspicion which assaults sexualy.

This field the A ocean it encounters meeting once sexual assault the oneselves will inform a characteristic relationship fact to the refusal flaw " parents, " hyep oppression, it assaulted sexualy again, the police conveyed.

Police " the Pak army back again 2 person different friends and and after August criming time 4 people which pass assaulting sexualy the A ocean called until the act which assaults sexualy the A ocean together it spoiled, it revealed ".

Police " the blood chairs with the A ocean under agreeing relationship of characteristic it is one thing and it regrets entirely there is not a feeling which it reflects, " it gets torn and " it is young no matter how that but, solid color it will be able to understand, " it kicked the tongue.

The police " the blood chairs buys over the victim and the reference from the point of view where the intense cold punishment is forecast, there is a dangerous characteristic which will exact the untrue statement to exercise a pressure " it got torn and it revealed an arrest background.

Won room it goes round, burglar rape 20 sacred places
Appetite = union news
Input: 2005.10.14 07:09 09'

The light north appetizing police station the one person assaulted sexualy the women who live in 14 day won rooms and with the suspicion (burglar rape) which snatches the money and goods against the dusk (23. unemployments) Sea the warrant for arrest it applied.
When it follows in police, the gourd seed to August 30th 4:00 a.m. which passes light north appetizing hour about nine criticism east A (24) other infiltrates a gas piping to the Sea won room, to assault sexualy the A Sea, until back recent times which snatches the money and goods it extends in 3 orders and the women who live in won room it assaults sexualy and about 250 it is a suspicion which snatches the full considerable money and goods.

With the fact that it will spoil a crime more with the technique where the gourd seed is similar report further crimes khay there is police.

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